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Would you like to welcome newcomers to your community or make some new friends?

Do you have a skill, sport or hobby that you would like to share with your local newcomers group?

If there is no newcomers group in your area, would you like to start one?

Privacy Policy

I understand that Multicultural New Zealand respects my privacy and will not share my personal details with anyone outside of the Newcomers Network. I understand that the above information will be shared with other members of this Newcomers Network for the benefit of mutual friendship and understanding. I understand that images of me at Newcomers events may be used for the publicity of Newcomers Networks. I understand that my personal data will be collected and kept confidentially, according to the provisions of NZ Privacy Act 1993 and only used for provision of services by the regional Newcomers Networks.


I'd love to volunteer

Tell us about your skillset (e.g teacher, nurse, engineer, graphic designer, IT etc)

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If there isn’t a group in your town, why not start one?
Just send us an email & we’ll help.

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