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The map of services and opportunities offered to Aotearoa’s multicultural communities is far from whole. It is difficult to do when there is so much on offer, and a sector so full of volunteer groups and workers means we don’t always have the time to keep up with what is changing and growing around the country.  

Multicultural New Zealand is looking to change this, redesigning the way our online platforms are used to be far more connected, far more interactive. Working with Flightdec we are putting together one cohesive platform that will connect all of our community touchpoints including all Regional Multicultural Councils and all Newcomers Network branches.

Through this, and over time, you will be able to

  • find information relevant to your region
  • check out what other regions are doing
  • access reliable resources on safety, health, settlement and more
  • post ideas, projects, questions
  • receive automatic updates on what is happening in the wider community sector.

We also tend to be focused on our local patch or areas of concern, but we can achieve much more for each other, if we are better connected.

MNZ is currently piloting this new design within a couple Regional Multicultural Councils, and are rolling it out with the Newcomers Network as part of the management handover. The full launch is expected to happen in July 2021. However this digital hub is not limited to MNZ’s community touchpoints. We envision a connected hub that works by subscribing to relevant bodies (such as local councils, local mana whenua, government and more) and automatically delivering updates to your home screen.  Organisations big and small are encouraged to link up and share and receive updates from their community and co-orgs.

Stay tuned for any updates and get in touch if you have any questions – we are excited about this initiative and always happy to chat about it!

This website is part of the change needed to redesign the way Multicultural New Zealand's online platforms serve our communities

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