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For many migrants, being away from their homeland is not easy but some days are harder than others. Birthdays belong to this category of “pretty hard to be away from home right now, I wish my family and friends were here”!

In April, the ‘Albany Cozy Coffee and a chance to Chat‘ group celebrated some birthdays to make that day a little bit smoother. Pari our Iranian Dancing Queen celebrated her Birthday with dances, laughter and Ukulele live music. So much fun!

And then came Cheryl’s Birthday.

Cheryl is our South African Diamond. She says ‘rough diamond’, I would rather call her a jewel. Cheryl is one of those multi talented women: she is a fashion designer, has a catering  and a child care  business and does so much more. When Cheryl’s birthday came, Albany House turned into a Pink Party (pink because of breast Cancer awareness month).  Cheryl celebrated her Birthday not just for herself but for the community at large. She gave so much of her time and energy when she could have been on the receiving end only. Cheryl is an inspiration to us all.

Now, it is possible for you to meet Cheryl as she launches her Sewing and Crafts Club at Albany House.

Celebrating birthdays in Albany

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